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Southern Attraction
Southern Attraction-The College Years continues the journey with Heather Brandon and her amazing boyfriend Jake as they go off to college. Heather struggles with insecurities of her past while trying to find a peaceful life. She had dealt with enough heartache to last a lifetime, including losing her parents, and surviving a tornado that ripped apart her new home. While striving to overcome her past, she is conflicted about her boyfriend's carefree lifestyle. She is determined to persuade him to change his major for a safer and more secure career choice. She wants Jake to settle down so they can enjoy their life together. Now all she wants to do is live a life of happiness and not worry about the man she loves. Read more here:


Tracy writes #books for teens, these are some great books to read,.  Her books are Christian in nature.  Enjoy this Christian book store and tell your friends.
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A letter by Tracy on 6/15  Hello readers and friends.  Don't forget to go ahead and preorder your kindle book- Southern Attraction- The College Years.  I'm sure you will love it.
A letter by Tracy on 6/10 Hello readers and friends.  Just wanted to let you know that I will be giving away a total of 4 books to 4 lucky readers who I randomly select from those who sign up for my mailing list. Giveaway ends soon, so sign up on form above.
A letter by Tracy on 6/3  Hello readers and friends.  Just wanted to share some exciting news with you.  My new book Southern Attraction- The College Years, a young adult romance book will be released 6/17.   Read more:

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