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Southern Attraction
In Tracy Kauffman's novel: Southern Attraction, one of her head-strong characters comes to term with her parent's passing. Heather came from a upper-class family of wealth, fortune and love.  Then everything suddenly changes.  She loses her family to a sudden car accident tragedy.  She has to move to a southern town in Alabama where the rednecks ruled the town.  She learns how to love an uncle she barely knew and live in a place she despises.  To her surprise she discovers a new world amongst the country bumkins of the south.Trying to fit in to this new life for herself, she is faced with a hard decision. Who will she give her heart to? A man that is completely different from her or someone who shares the same qualities that she does. Join Heather in this journey of love, discovery and search for happiness.


Latest News
A letter by Tracy on 5/20.  Hello readers and friends.  Just wanted to share some exciting news with you.  My new book Southern Attraction- The College Years  romance bookwill be released shortly this summer..      Read more:

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