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7/11-  Hello friends.  If you know anything about a writer, they are creative.  Not only do I write, but love to create artwork for my other hobby.  So I have decided to share some artwork that will be available for sale.  This artwork is handpainted and is inspired by none other than myself.  Thanks!  Check it out here!
6/12- Check out my blog tour with my new book on 6/15 at:
6/3- Southern Attraction- The College Years will be released to the public on 6/17.  Looking for book reviewers to give the readers and myself some insight.  Let me know what you think. 
6/2- Great news,  I have my new book cover.  Southern Attraction - The College Years will be released shortly.  Just got to tidy up some editing and proofreading. I want Heather's character to speak to you.  After writing the First Edition- Southern Attraction, I had a review that spoke to me.  The reviewer said that Heather didn't reach her as a character.  So I'm trying to make Heather  grow as a character but also as a person.  She has not only been through some tragedies in her life, but she is still facing some trials.  No one wants to bring up Depression, or things like that, but could she possibly have some.  We'll talk more about it later.  Check out my new book cover, and tell me what you think.

5/24-Thought I would share a little insight into my upcoming book that will be published mid-summer. Still working on the book cover for now.

Book Blurb: Southern Attraction -The College Years. This story continues the journey of Heather Brandon and her boyfriend, Jake as they go off to college.  Heather dealt with enough heart-ache to last a life time.  Join Heather in this book as she struggles with insecurities of her past while trying to find her way through life.  She wants a career but wants to live closer to home too.  Heather is conflicted about her boyfriend's career choice.  She wants him to settle down and choose a secure and safer job. Heather has dealt with enough tragedy in her life; she wants to live a life of peace and not worry about the man she loves. Will tragedy strike again, or will Heather live a life of happiness in this second edition novel.

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