Inspiring Others to be Beautiful

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9/29-A person’s attitude illuminates their character.  This simply means that a person is often judged by how they act and how they react to certain situations.  If they are having a bad day and then continue their day in a bad mood; they will portray themselves as a negative, unkind person.  I’ve seen people who I know are really nice people, but after having a hard day at work, they allow themselves to become entangled in that one instance where their character is illuminated in a negative way.  Or perhaps stressors and trials that a person may be going through, can shine negatively through their attitude.  We want others to see us in the best light possible.  I know it is hard to always have a smile on our face, but we should strive to be friendly no matter the situation.  Once in a while, I’ve seen that one person that has overcome some terrible obstacles in their life, shine brightly among us.  They are thankful, praising God for the blessings that he has given them; despite them losing their home to a tornado or flood.  Their character is a blessing and it illuminates beauty from within.  A character that only God can help them portray. “Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in Heaven” (Matthew 5:16).

9/27- Let Your Beauty Shine Through- One may ask how they can become more beautiful. Perhaps they have been overlooked by an employer because they are overweight, or without natural beauty. Let me tell you that beauty starts from within you. How you treat others tells a lot about your character. If you are a very mean and rude person, then you are not beautiful. People don’t just look at the outward appearance. A confident overweight woman that shows kindness and meekness can be represented as the most beautiful woman in the room. Beauty if not just skin deep. It begins with a person’s character and personality. 

I hope I have inspired you to let your beauty shine from within you by being kind, compassionate and loving to others. Beauty comes from having a good heart, being kinder, more compassionate, and helping to others, etc… Now I want to help you to let your beauty shine. This can be accomplished by taking care of yourself. I have learned that that people seldom take care of themselves. People work a lot, have busy lives and they don’t take time to relax. Take a few minutes to unwind from your busy day. Watch some tv, read a book, lounge on the couch and simply relax.
Another important reason we are so unhealthy is that we simply don’t eat right. We indulge in things that are bad for us. We don’t take vitamins, we don’t drink enough water. These things are necessary for our overall health; and include Eating a healthier diet.
Life consist of baby steps. Each step leads us somewhere. Either in a positive direction or negative. So follow me and I will help you and encourage you to take steps in the right direction. I want to inspire you to live a happy, healthier life. Then, you will have beauty that will shine through and many will see it from afar.
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9/16- Most of you know that I love to write; but writing is also healthy in some ways.  It can be used as a tool to inspire others or help with our own insecurities.  Depression can often creep up on us and so I want to inspire you to help others if you are able to.  1. Be kind 2. Be compassionate 3. Help others.  4. Listen to others that may be struggling with something in their lives.  It is never to late to listen and show empathy.  I've started a series on Inspiring Beauty; from within. Check out this blog post!

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