In this 2nd Edition book for Teens-Southern Attraction-The College Years, Tracy continues the journey with Heather Brandon and her amazing boyfriend Jake as they go off to college. Heather struggles with insecurities of her past while trying to find a peaceful life. She had dealt with enough heartache to last a lifetime, including losing her parents, and surviving a tornado that ripped apart her new home. While striving to overcome her past, she is conflicted about her boyfriend's carefree lifestyle. She is determined to persuade him to change his major for a safer and more secure career choice. She wants Jake to settle down so they can enjoy their life together. Now all she wants to do is live a life of happiness and not worry about the man she loves. Will Heather be able to overcome the trials of her life or will tragedy strike again? Join Heather as she tries to overcome adversity and search for the peace that she desperately wants.

In this 1st Edition teen book- Southern Attraction, read about Heather, a head-strong, stuck up girl that had to come to terms with her parent's passing. Heather came from a upper-class family of wealth, fortune and love.  Then everything suddenly changes.  She loses her family to a sudden car accident tragedy.  She has to move to a southern town in Alabama where the rednecks ruled the town.  She learns how to love an uncle she barely knew and live in a place she despises.  To her surprise she discovers a new world amongst the country bumkins of the south. Trying to fit in to this new life for herself, she is faced with a hard decision. Who will she give her heart to? A man that is completely different from her or someone who shares the same qualities that she does. Join Heather in this journey of love, discovery and search for happiness.

Captain Honey Bear is caught stealing honey from a bee's nest ---he is ordered to serve as the forest superhero. Come along for the ride while Captain Honey Bear tries to save Goldie Locks the squirrel. You'll meet some interesting critters of the forest in this cute fairy tale. Can Goldie Locks be rescued or does she fall in love with her captor. More books are sure to follow this one.

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